Demon wizard’s journey of world destruction

Title:Demon wizard’s journey of world destruction

Author:Ren Di Yan Zhou

Description:I was a level 3 blood wizard who was about to step into Morningstar. For strength, I was not afraid of the challenge of fate and the trade of demons. The power of the world can’t bind me, the wheel of fate can’t stop me, I will become an eternal wizard beyond level 9. (well, in fact, this is a case of being beatenIt’s a story about the wizard soul who lives in the oriental martial arts immortal world and constantly struggles in various worlds.) World Order: Xiaoao River and lake (Yu Zheng Edition) Langya list (film and television edition) I have a million copies to guarantee, the title of the book is martial arts ghost Taoist, Penguin Group: 3618 0646

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