Demon hunting

Title:Demon hunting

Author:Misty rain in Jiangnan

Description:In a certain era of the next century, after the catastrophe of nuclear weapons, the remaining human beings live in an extremely cruel environment. It’s full of radiation, and food and water are scarce. However, the progress of science and technology also makes people’s potential constantly stimulated and evolved. The hero’s name is Sue, who grew up in the wildernessChildren have strong evolutionary ability and special cell structure. Because of the magnificent dream hidden in his heart, he joined the mysterious and powerful organization dark dragon riding. His advancement is accompanied by the power disputes among the major families in dark dragon riding, as well as his love stories with pasephine and medelli. The war destroyed a cityWar also creates a new world. This is the story of a world destroyed by war. It is also a story about creation and rebirth.

Author: miven

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