Death penalty white list

Title:Death penalty white list

Author:I’m Lao Jiu

Description:An inventory of the “extraordinary” misjudged cases that the police have tried their best to solve in the past decade, but failed in the end. Perverted local tyrant with perverse sexuality, uncle Sven with corpse abuse and child love The unique writing angle of view, will be extremely cruel criminal tactics bloody stripping to show you; the reality version 2682 fishing boat big escape event, shocked at home and abroad7.25 smuggling case Restore the story outside the French Open, let the facts behind shock you. It’s not worth killing. It’s snowing in June! The death penalty white list, the first first domestic first person novel of unjust and wrong cases, brings you the feeling of being on the scene and walking into the edge of “careless but not leaking” together!

Author: miven

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