Death manpower dispatch company

Title:Death manpower dispatch company

Author:Scream glass

Description:Are reborn people still worried about getting the first bucket of gold? Through the party, whether still in all kinds of party struggle. Drenched? Insulted and annoyed by the emperor or Qingliu. But what can we do? The powers are still living in that dangerous world. A precarious day? Time and space travelers. whetherAre you still being chased by the time and Space Administration? Do you need reliable people to rob the bank? Does your leader have enough security? Is it someone who lacks trust in a dangerous situation? Do you need troops to fight? The company’s main human services. Small to repair water pipes, large to face warIt’s our business. Solve any of your worries. Two million copies of “time and space criminal syndicate” have been completed, and the character is guaranteed

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