Dazhu state

Title:Dazhu state

Author:Forgetting Sichuan in Northwest China

Description:Ming Siyuan, the eldest grandson of the king of northern desert, who has the memory of his past life, has been ambitious since he was a child. However, an accident made him and his friend drift into the enemy’s territory. All his identities brought him no advantage overnight. At the same time, the barbarians in the North expanded and invaded the south, the Paganism in the southwest rose, the emperor and the prince fought for the throne, and the world was about to collapseChaos. After going through hardships, he returned to the Empire, but was arrested and joined the army. Occasionally, he found clues about his father’s assassination in the army. When the truth was about to come out, he found another amazing secret. He subverted his cognition, and Ming Siyuan was at a loss. He watched the people fleeMing Siyuan, who had no livelihood, grew up between hatred and morality. The country is breaking through mountains and rivers, and the city has deep vegetation in spring. Seeing all the tragedies brought about by the war, what should Ming Siyuan do

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