Dazhou magic wand

Title:Dazhou magic wand

Author:Blue fish

Description:He is a god stick, a very famous God stick. We know astronomy from the top and geography from the bottom, and Astrological divination is not only precise but also difficult. But he is also the most unprofessional staff in the world. He has planted the earth, built the boat and flew over the sky! He is omnipotent. He can go up and fight all over the world. He can go down and teach ten thousand people! In the period of Wu Zhou, he created a new eraIt is a legend that Empress Wu Zetian praised him as the first God stick of Dazhou. He made Dazhou the most powerful country in the world. Because of his existence, Dazhou’s name resounded all over the world. His name is Li Dongsheng, a legend rising in the East! If you think that “Da Zhou God stick” is not bad, please don’t forget to send QQ group to youRecommend it to friends in Weibo!

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