Daughters are always crossed

Title:Daughters are always crossed

Author:Changzhou winter horse

Description:Li Yunfei opened the door and saw his eight year old daughter sitting on the sand, looking at him coldly like a proud queen, “so Are you my Summoner? Little mortal, for your hard work, I will give you the honor of being my servant. ” Look at this assholeLittle girl, Li Yunfei sighed and went straight over, holding her face and holding her up, rubbing the little girl’s face hard, “my dear Queen, you seem to have just crossed here, and you haven’t figured out who is the boss here Yes? Would you like me to help you to clear your bones and muscles”What are the rules here?” She has a daughter who is often crossed by the queen, the chemist, the musician, the ancient poetess, and the sorcerer

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