Dark from bright

Title:Dark from bright

Author:A thousand cold months

Description:Hundreds of millions of years ago, a kind of external energy body beyond the five elements was hidden in five places of the earth with the movement of celestial bodies and the fission of the earth. It is incredible that it is far from gold, wood, water, fire, earth and extremely inert! Light years away, endless, an unknown energy particle of the Milky way reaches the earth, producing an unknown energy levelIt stimulates and causes one of the surface dissimilations of this kind of external energy body outside the five elements, forms the Hongshijing, and transforms into the Baiteng realm, which poses a threat to the overall balance between this external energy body and the earth! The great master of human spiritual energy, the king of the dark world, has seen the result of this unknown particle from the spectrum of reincarnation energyThe emergence of Hongshijing makes a code balance for this kind of changeable external energy body in the process of departure, but his code is influenced by his other side, the king of departure, in the key time and space

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