Dark flowers

Title:Dark flowers

Author:Hu people’s beard

Description:The sun is shining, and everything on the earth is magnificent, but it is called the dark and cold era. Human beings are abandoned, betrayed, isolated, preyed on, and on the verge of extinction by mutated animals and plants, so the whole land gathers fuel, opens up oasis with science and technology, and revives alliance, and enters the dark era. A sniper gun with honeysuckle and judge’s pen inside is called Jieyin;A left wheel, exogenous evil beauty and strange blood red flower, is called the flower of the yellow spring; the fierce ghost postman Youyang, driving a chariot with a magic dog, picks the life with the judge’s pen, and the flower of the yellow spring draws the soul with his eyebrows. Dark cold matter, dark cold variation, accelerated evolution, planetary will, galactic expansion — convergence or divergence? Light or dark?Prosperity or decline? Achievement or destruction? All, such as dark and flowers!

Author: miven

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