Dark energy messenger

Title:Dark energy messenger


Description:In the dark night, only she, who had shed tears, knew where he had gone. He looked at himself in the mirror, also looked at her haggard face, saw her eyes watching him hysterically. He knew that he was just a coke in a red wine bottle. He was ridiculous and desperately trying to keep his bubbles out and lost his soulShe held fast to the last remaining intoxication and hallucination in the bottle. All people regard him as the most terrible weapon in the world, but he only wants to be a marginal figure in this society. To refuse the invitation of each power is his daily confession to the past. Like to stand on the edge of the building, he is always helpless to the groundLooking forward, in the moment of the vertical down, for all unknown arrival, he just wanted to wait quietly, until her return.

Author: miven

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