Daming killed the wolf

Title:Daming killed the wolf

Author:Zhang Tao 1985

Description:There was no China after Yashan, and no China after the death of Ming Dynasty. It is better to be a thief than a slave. The ruler’s shamelessness has gone to extremes since Ming Dynasty. The souls of the three young people who died unjustly in the later ages have passed through this era when there will be no death in China… Some say they are the executioners of suppressing the peasant uprising, others say they areIt is said that the chief culprit for the destruction of national integration… What they left to the world is the one character stele engraved with the three words “kill the wolf” respectively, with merits and demerits for thousands of years. Please follow their steps and enter the era of social agitation and heavy killing in the late Ming Dynasty together!!!

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