Curse of Summoner Canyon

Title:Curse of Summoner Canyon

Author:I was seventeen that year

Description:An ordinary student named Xu baozai, a very ordinary student, even a little honest. Because I’m obsessed with the League of heroes, I’m a little wasted in my studies. However, after graduating from high school, because of the more relaxed learning pressure, baozai became more obsessed with the game of hero League. However, the level of baozai is not high. Once it was more funIt was very late, because I lost all the time, so I was a little worried. In a battle with great advantage, he swore that if this one can’t win, it’s better to go to summon division Canyon to win! As a result, because his teammates fell off the line, he lost the game. The evil Summoner realized baozai’s prophecy through witchcraftAfter changing the space-time magnetic field, baozai inexplicably entered the League of heroes canyon. Started in the summoner Canyon exploration, after constant efforts, finally learned the evil

Author: miven

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