Cultivate five virtues

Title:Cultivate five virtues

Author:If you dance in the breeze

Description:At the beginning of Taixu, the sun and moon of the heaven and the earth were not formed, and the chaos was dark and yellow. Pangu, a great God, lived in it. After 18000 years, Hongmeng was opened up. Yang Qing was the heaven, and the pure Qi in the sky formed the fairyland, the cloudy Qi was the earth, and the turbid Qi in the earth formed the demon world. Between the heaven and the earth, there was the ordinary world, and the three realms formed. Pangu, the great God of Pangu, created the world and exhausted his effortsAfter death, the body turns into mountains, rivers and seas, the eyes into the sun and the moon, the hair into stars, the fur into plants, insects and beasts, and the heart into Kunlun. Since the beginning of Zhou Dynasty, hermeneutics has been highly respected in the world. King Wu of the Zhou Dynasty worshipped hermeneutics as the national religion. For thousands of years after that, all the imperial courts had the help of hermeneutics. In the Tang Dynasty, they were still holy relativesNot bad. After the war of God, the contradiction between the immortal and the devil became more and more intense, and the four sects of the immortal and the devil gradually formed during this period. Although there is occasional cooperation due to subduing demons and eliminating evil, but the Immortals

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