Crying villain

Title:Crying villain

Author:Superfluid helium

Description:This is a mischievous story in which the protagonist trains the villain and sobs the villain. Awakened to the blood ability of “abusive extraction”, ou tuokun, a doubi otaku, finds that he can acquire the other party’s ability as long as he bawls the villains coming through. As a result, a long journey of Death House abuse villain started. Abuse in otokunUnder the whip, Dior Brando’s face is full of tears. One party is in tears, and Xiao’s organization is in tears! Death: / /. Longtengx. A collection of strength and wisdom? Abuse him to be a new man! The ceiling of combat power in “fate” regards everyone as Jill of “hybrid”Gamesh? Until he admits his mistake! Queen Estess in the Red Mansions? Take care of it! “Abusing people is just the need to maintain justice. I’m not really a sadist!” Shake

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