Crossing the interceptor

Title:Crossing the interceptor

Author:The road is slow

Description:At the end of the French era, the earth was constantly invaded by walkers in different worlds. The martial arts masters in various novels, the ghosts in myths, the heroes and villains in comic films, with many of their characters in the small world, all began to continuously cross into the modern city. Song Yicheng was very sad, and he was killed by the systemGiven the identity of a traversing interceptor, if he does not kill those traversers, he will be punished by the system In the modern city, the pig’s feet stand with a horizontal gun, and with the strength of one person, they are the enemy of the heaven and the world, composing their own myths Who? Flying around in red underpants? Do you want to be honest´╝č Are you superman? Extraterrestrials are very rare. I’ll make you into a specimen and treasure it Isn’t this Godzilla? Oh, my God, the monsters in the movie also passed through, eh,

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