Crazy Three Kingdoms

Title:Crazy Three Kingdoms

Author:There is no lack of the essence

Description:This is the era of the Three Kingdoms, but the world is no longer just conspiracy and power struggle, but also has a magic fighting spirit and even pets! Zhang Fei is no longer a wild man, and Guo Jia is not going to drive the crane west at a young age. Does Liu Bei have such good luck? The fate of Guan Yu, the martial saint, seems to be differentThen there is the tragedy. Zhao Yun is no longer just a guard in our hearts. What will Jiangdong’s peerless double pride do? All this will take place in this new era of the Three Kingdoms, a place full of fantasy and strategy, that is the crazy Three Kingdoms! Let’s be in ChinaMen love the era of galloping on the battlefield together, galloping it! Let’s feel the different feelings brought by the crazy Three Kingdoms!

Author: miven

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