Crazy three embraces to return to China

Title:Crazy three embraces to return to China

Author:My name is desperate girl

Description:A rebellious girl suddenly found that there was a “god wish” in her body, and she was surprised to know that she had five lives! She was killed once and went to the power city to brush the monsters and fight the elves! In the power city, she also met the man basin of her previous life, but he had lost the memory of his previous life! “God wish continued to lose the task,So a girl’s career became to find lovers who had made a contract in her previous life, and match them together! Once again, she crossed the world of cultivating immortals with her own little Hua Hua! Collected two cute mushroom essence, birch essence! And their spiritual power is infinite! But willpower is 0! The extreme of fear!   Unexpectedly, I found that Shifu was the devil of the world! The wonderful journey of the girl against heaven and Toby boy begins~~~

Author: miven

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