CR supernatural archives

Title:CR supernatural archives

Author:Rising new people

Description:Introduction: as a newly graduated surplus labor force, I have been very sad to find a job. Once in the talent market, I accidentally saw the legendary boss – long Jingtao. At the beginning of meeting, I felt that this ugly man didn’t feel like a big boss. As a result, long Zhentao gave me a business card and said: if you think it’s OKSince then, I will wait for you there all night. After careful consideration, I came to the address on my business card with the attitude of being a living horse doctor. However, what I didn’t expect is that this job is, this job is so weird…… What is the blood book of the dead drawn with human skin and bloodWhat kind of ability does it contain! The book of the dead extended version of Cr supernatural archives gives you the answer you want!

Author: miven

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