Author:Three thousand wolves

Description:People’s heart: / / / longtengx. The end of the world is coming, and zombies are rampant. All kinds of horrible and ferocious zombies have appeared one after another, demonstrating an unprecedented hot war of the end of the world. The night before the disaster, Guan Shenglin thought of suicide because of lovelorn, but the attempted suicide led to mutation, and later even won the overlord levelThe power of the world. In the war, he incarnated as a human killing weapon, sweeping one side. After recovering the lost land, he embarked on a road of revenge with hidden thoughts. The first stage, the inevitable escape stage, involves emotion. The second stage is the stage of pacifying civil strife, in which the protagonist is gradually transforming and fightingGradually hot, contradictions gradually escalate. The third stage, revenge, with part of the “sadistic original” characteristics of the game. Shizhiba communication group, group number 4697

Author: miven

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