Corpse Walker

Title:Corpse Walker

Author:MR is still high

Description:Cancer drugs using modified virus as raw material have successfully reversed the cancer cells of patients in clinical trials, but the modified virus has formed a new virus called Red Ape in human body, and people infected with the virus have become walking corpses who feed on living people. Human civilization has been destroyed and military bases have been occupied. BirthZhao Xiaojian, who lives in the mountainous city of Shengjiang City, is burdened with the responsibility of a declining family. With the pain of being abandoned by his beautiful girlfriend, he escapes from the occupied base and goes to the military base of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention to seek refuge. However, he finds that everything is out of control In a world full of corpses, Zhao Xiaojian and the survivors are lost on the way to survival,Hope to find a place to settle down and build a base for survival

Author: miven

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