Coffin body

Title:Coffin body

Author:One handed Lisao

Description:Old coffin curse trapped him for a lifetime, lonely life, vowed to crack against the sky, my coffin would not be as heaven wishes! A coffin Scripture, which has been handed down for thousands of years, gathers endless strange things and records thousands of things for him to survive, is the basic point to break through the coffin master, and also the key point for a coffin corpse to obey your orders! In order to break the coffin mantra, it was attacked by the outside worldDisturbed by the power, we have to set foot in the prosperous city and walk into the mysterious places that are unknown to the public. His loneliness and aloofness, his confusion and strangeness are doomed to be unable to live in this bustling world The number of distinguished readers: 398591400. enterBefore the group, can I collect a book? Verification Code: coffin body; looking forward to your arrival, here author 24-hour service, waiting for you!

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