Cinder Storm

Title:Cinder Storm

Author:Little thief

Description:Young people walk out of the most wild world. Wandering in the dark world dominated by mental power and mecha. He has no mental strength, only brute force, violence and the hottest blood. A mecha, the last product of the era of hot weapons, is called ash. Made with endless hope, but sadly stored in the corner of the warehouse. A wisp of flame comes from countless powerful and unjust souls. When the soul burns and condenses, it is the origin of refining fire. A kind of energy, which comes from the fault of time and the eternal static universe, represents destruction. It is called void. A heart, from the desire to kill, eager to kill but confused, killingThat’s the name. A kind of brilliance symbolizes freedom, and freedom is also its name. Countless people yearn for it. However, it does not exist. In the darkest hour

Author: miven

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