Chronicles of the future

Title:Chronicles of the future

Author:Evil cat’s eye

Description:Einstein’s IQ is only 146, he has made many amazing moves. In 2100, when scientists did brain development experiments for a bullied chimpanzee and developed its IQ to 200, the chimpanzees in the cage were either dead or disabled overnight, and the scene was extremely bloody. Only the chimpanzee that develops the brainMao was undamaged. Later, he killed more than 10 scientists and was killed by special police. Then the experiment was applied to five people. Will these five people make immortal contributions to mankind, or will they bring destruction to mankind? There’s the mecha war, the remoulding, the crossingEmpty, and you can’t imagine everything! The entrance to the future has been opened. You are welcome to join us at any time. Let’s witness the future together

Author: miven

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