Chivalrous haze: Zuo qingziyu

Title:Chivalrous haze: Zuo qingziyu

Author:Belle echo

Description:”There is a group of people who are said to live in the valley and have high skills. Legend has it that they keep a big secret. For ordinary people, they are like fog in the mountains, with substance but without form. Their names are popular, but their appearance is rarely known. In silence, they lie stillWaiting for the moment of thunder. Their name is called “Xia LAN.” “Xialan, the name of xialan means guardian.” “I want to be xialan, avenge my grandfather and kill the Mountain Ghost ballad.” Girl sitting on the roof looking at the moon firmly said. The man with dark green hair beside herI didn’t speak. I just flashed a little worry without any trace. It’s a Mountain Ghost ballad

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