Chinese Ghost

Title:Chinese Ghost

Author:Laugh at the east wind

Description:A car accident involved Zheng Mo in strange things, and the fate of the Yin Yang family repeats itself. Ghosts happen on the ground, and people are frightened in the tombs. The Fengshui layout of the tomb with a faceless female corpse made Zheng Mo’s fate more sophisticate. Embroidered shoes follow all the way,: / / / longNGX. The mysterious Taoist often drag them out of the situation of death at the critical moment. In order to get rid of the curse of following fate, according to some clues left by his grandfather, Zheng Mo pursues again and again on the ground and in the tomb, wandering between life and death. And they have always been the goal – Tianmai Qilong box, when the box in the Middle EastAfter the West gathers together, what kind of amazing secrets will be revealed! Generations of people have been working hard for this. Is this family’s destiny going on or can it be completely reversed

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