Chauvinist the great

Title:Chauvinist the great

Author:A wolf

Description:At the age of nine, shavin Casanova, the little prince of Yihe Kingdom, was chased and killed by William Gerald, the rebel leader. Fortunately, he was killed by gale, the bodyguard of the royal city! Alain escorts him back to Yidong city. When he is in a coma, he is poisoned by his half brother Arthur Casanova, who is trying to bribe the palace maid. At this time, sun Cheng, who has occupied shawen’s body, tries to kill himIn order to return to the earth and find his sister, zhe decides to start his journey of conquering the planet… Shavin (hereinafter referred to as shavin) is ready to use his prince status to develop technology and education, but he soon found that any reform of his will fail because of the obstruction of interest groups before he has absolute power,He decided to take the position of the king, and since he was appointed governor of the north, he developed industry in the north, formed an army of absolute loyalty, defeated and conquered the Normans in the north

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