Charming Princess of tfboys

Title:Charming Princess of tfboys

Author:The cold Princess meets the black school grass

Description:Three charming girls with different personalities met tfboys, and a lot of things happened between them, especially luodie and Qianzong. Luodie once returned to Korea alone because Qianzong, so she stayed in Korea for three years. Qianzong has been waiting for her for three years. Three years later, butterfly came back from Korea. She changed again and became cold-blooded. With herHer brother Wu Shixun also came back. Sehoon dotes on her very much. She is now the top artist of CJ agency in South Korea. In the past three years, she has won numerous competitions. Of course, she is the first in every competition. After coming back, she didn’t say anything to Qian Zong, but she always loved Qian Zong. Now she is back, in the total pursuit of the thousandShe finally agreed to be with Qian Zong. Ten years later, they all got married. A year later, Luo die gave birth to a pair of twins. Call easy to close the cold, easy snow like a dream.

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