Charming fish

Title:Charming fish


Description:After the typhoon, from the first body found by the seaside, a kind of ominous omen began to be strong in Bindong city. The ocean is not a garbage dump. Excessive plunder will be backfired. A kind of real fish. Ancient marine amphibians are undergoing gene mutation, and they are beginning to be bloodthirsty One’s life is from looking up to looking downIn the process, when Ma Xiaoke looks down at others, he feels that the person who looks down on him has a pair of eyes staring at him in the dark Warm reminder: this book is too black, too abusive, but also often have to think about, different from the modern network text. It is suggested that people under 30 years old, with nausea, leisure reading, and strong sense of justice should not enter. Remember, be carefulRemember!

Author: miven

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