Cellular network and UAV war

Title:Cellular network and UAV war

Author:Three mountains

Description:Golden finger is another kind of thing. Some people can get the mother nest of Zerg and make their own girls to play with. Some people can get starspirit Mothership and play with burning glass all over the universe. Some people can get base vehicles, dig three feet and abuse aborigines. And I’m just waving my right handBuild thousands of troops. With a wave of his left hand, he swept the whole army with the power of D-gun. I’m the supreme commander. I’m the ACU. Well, in the second part of the above, this book was originally called “I’m ACU”. But dianniang didn’t say there were letters, so I’ll change it to “cellular network and nobody”It sounds like the name of graduation thesis. In fact, this book is only about the productivity and productivity when four fifths of the billions of human beings are killed

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