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The world asked

Title:The world asked Author:Melancholy empty Description:There are so many heroes in the world. There was a scholar who guarded the world for thousands of years, leaving heaven and earth helpless; There is a Wufu who has been the best in…

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Reborn urban evil fairy

Title:Reborn urban evil fairy Author:Sixty six stings Description:A generation of immortal Xiuchen met with shameless betrayal and died, but he was unexpectedly reborn and returned to high school a thousand years ago. Looking back on the millennium, he was immortal…

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Lei Zhenzi of Fengshen

Title:Lei Zhenzi of Fengshen Author:Wandering messenger Description:Through Cheng leizhenzi, there is not much time before the apotheosis disaster broke out. I can only use all means to improve my cultivation and combat effectiveness, so as not to die in the…

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The last one is fighting

Title:The last one is fighting Author:Drench and stretch Description:The mountains and rivers are changing, and Nvzhen photographed the Han people. Seven stars and beads are in danger. Wulin is pure! Is it the castration party that brings disaster to the…

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Wanjie Immortal Emperor

Title:Wanjie Immortal Emperor Author:Wutong Mountain Description:First grade Tianmai, all-round cultivator, Dan emperor, king of utensils? I abuse you like an ant. It is said that the great emperor is the strongest. To me, the emperor is like a mole ant….

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Fairy, please respect yourself (ask the world of mortals)

Title:Fairy, please respect yourself (ask the world of mortals) Author:Ji cha Description:Qin Yi once believed that people who cultivate immortality should be indifferent and quiet, have no desire and no desire, be patient and withstand temptation. But it was finally…

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Wanjie emperor of the city

Title:Wanjie emperor of the city Author:Northern Han Dynasty leader Description:The God of the world respects Lin Hao to find the supreme road and regenerate the earth. He will defeat all the arrogant and strong with an invincible posture. One fist…

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The world’s richest man

Title:The world’s richest man Author:Qin Ming, Li Meng Description:Because his poor girlfriend ran away, because he was despised because he was poor, because he was as cheap as mud, but suddenly one day, Qin Ming inherited the property of the…

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Dao Tu

Title:Dao Tu Author:Daomeng Description:One person and one knife are invincible to the world. Unfortunately, he encountered the most painful betrayal in his life. In the battle of burying Dao Valley, he was cut off and reduced to a useless man….

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Xiuzhen Avenue

Title:Xiuzhen Avenue Author:Quiet and carefree Description:If the world wants to live forever, it has no real method. If you ask where to ask, you can only practice real people. To cultivate truth, we need to decrypt the cultivation skill. In…

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