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Rebirth Fairy

Title:Rebirth Fairy Author:Master Yue Description:In order to find her memory, she embarked on the road of cultivating immortality, but she suffered from suspicion and frame up. Once she was in a complex, her memory recovered, and she vowed to kill…

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Monster warden

Title:Monster warden Author:Hidden sword Description:On a dark platform, Chen Chen said with a smile. “Cough… Today, prisoners, monster prison… Is officially established at this moment!” As his voice fell, the zombies gathered on the land began to roar hard! A…

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I just want to cultivate a hero

Title:I just want to cultivate a hero Author:That’s not the crane king Description:I’m a villain. After I’m against a certain universe, I live a relaxed and freehand life. But I always feel that there is something missing in my life….

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High energy ahead

Title:High energy ahead Author:Smile Description:Here are the most dangerous tasks and the most lucrative rewards. It’s possible that all living beings can’t stand at the top of the abyss and end their lives in the last second!

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Zombie monarch of rigid contract

Title:Zombie monarch of rigid contract Author:Little Amin Description:Zombies are born out of the resentment of heaven and earth. They are not old, they are not dead, they are not exterminated. Abandoned by the three realms of heaven, earth and man,…

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Reborn home treasure

Title:Reborn home treasure Author:Cheng Jiaxi Description:Tano was born again in the post brigade in the 1970s. She was born with divine power. Because she had a small family property, she calculated for the villagers. In order to keep the family…

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Wear Liang Zhu to be a woman teacher

Title:Wear Liang Zhu to be a woman teacher Author:Muzi ghost Description:Originally just a wisp of lonely soul, I didn’t expect to be reborn. In this way, I can live the life I want. The fate of parents is really difficult,…

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The king comes to the world of tolerance

Title:The king comes to the world of tolerance Author:Fanxiu 01 Description:Yefanming, the Chinese killer “eye of the dark night”, was chased to the foot of Kunlun Mountain and designed to lead jiutianleilong to die with the enemy. When I wake…

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Empress Da Xuan

Title:Empress Da Xuan Author:Ji Shuo Description:The wizard, the small, knows good and bad fortune, forecasts the future, judges good and bad fortune, and decides to stop; the big, knows the phenomena of heaven, the way of heaven, cultivates all things,…

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Master of Dan Palace

Title:Master of Dan Palace Author:Qin Rilan Description:She really came back and was reborn when the world of Xiaochen was about to break. She just wanted to keep her two little buns

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