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Peerless daughter

Title:Peerless daughter Author:Asanti Description:She was framed by the best sisters. Heaven has eyes to let her live again and become the first lady of prime minister Daling. It is said that the young lady has never seen her since she…

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Long daughter in law

Title:Long daughter in law Author:Toad flower Description:In the last life, she was a model of virtuous and virtuous Houzhai. She was filial to her parents in law, obedient to her husband and kind to her nephew. He presided over the…

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Eat away

Title:Eat away Author:Snow tomb Description:Everyone has dreams. But everyone has not, everything is so far away. Some people say they swear to God, but I don’t know how many times they have played God. Never want to look back is…

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A dream to kill sand

Title:A dream to kill sand Author:Zhou ziyue Description:A dream waiting for the door, an elegy, palm cinnabar, and di Shuangsheng; One night of disaster, one night of confusion, set the country honor, after years of confusion.

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A step up to heaven

Title:A step up to heaven Author:Inkstone ice Description:She has been a slave since she was a child, and she has no ambition. She only hopes to marry a good family by virtue of her beauty, and to have a fat…

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Ten mile peach blossom in red

Title:Ten mile peach blossom in red Author:Ye Lanshuo Description:Ten li peach blossom, a touch of red. He made her a promise, but she didn’t want it. However, there are too many obstacles, separated by thousands of mountains and rivers. But…

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The queen of the pirate

Title:The queen of the pirate Author:Greedy.cs Description:The world of pirates, ace! In order to love you, I will accompany you to the top!

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The God King of the world

Title:The God King of the world Author:Snow Description:A college student on the earth died unexpectedly and came to another strange continent. He thought that he was going through rebirth. In fact, he just returned to the world that originally belonged…

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The ultimate Altman

Title:The ultimate Altman Author:One person in one’s life Description:The ultimate Ultraman project is launched. Liu Tianchen, who has the strongest gene of light, is unexpectedly selected by the mysterious light. From then on, he will have endless fighting and training!…

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Reborn in the world

Title:Reborn in the world Author:Yueze Galaxy Description:–Feng Qianqian, a genius of Chinese medicine, has changed from a fat girl of 200 Jin to a cool, thin and beautiful girl of 90 Jin. However, she died in an accident on a…

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