Burst mecha

Title:Burst mecha


Description:A wisp of ghost, a pair of mecha, the two seem unrelated, but there is a wisp of ghost of a person into a mecha, become a machine with independent thinking. In a battle, Zhang Hao, a human cultivator, was smashed by an unknown strong man. His body and soul were scattered, and one of them was accidentally meltedHe entered the mecha created by the higher civilization of the universe, and since then he has the body of the mecha, and has begun a history of struggle. There is already a group of “burst mecha” with the group number of 210079676. You are welcome to join us. You can give me any comments or suggestions on this book. I will take its own measuresIn order to make appropriate corrections, we should give reasonable opinions or suggestions. “Burst mecha” for click, for recommendation, for collection, for book review

Author: miven

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