Burning the sky against the world

Title:Burning the sky against the world

Author:Yu Sheng

Description:In the distant future world, after the disaster, human beings have entered a new era and opened a new mode of survival. Lin Qingqian, a young man, rose from the dark forces and stepped on the road of hegemony step by step. I’m never lonely, because I have brothers, I’m afraid of death, but I won’t let the people I love die before me, I’m not in the class, even in this worldWhat if the world looks down on me? How can I look up to you? I have my own lover, my own brother, and my own carefree. No matter how big the world is, it’s just a little bit of loess under my feet. If I want to go against the sky, who can stop me. ——Lin Qingqian.

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