Bug God

Title:Bug God

Author:Ear fire Emperor

Description:What, you don’t know 30 lives, and sourdough is one of the most difficult games for newcomers! Well, let me show you, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, a, B, a. Hundouluo, hot-blooded fighting, Three Kingdoms, boxing emperor, Weixing, mengniang pocket demonStrange, hero League all kinds of familiar games are waiting for me to pass! Yes, he is the man destined to be the God of bugs. On earth, he is familiar with bugs and Strategies of various games. He is nicknamed “one coin clearance expert”. As long as one coin is used, all kinds of arcade games will pass without damage, and all kinds of computer games will have perfect strategies. stayHere he resounded through the universe into God declaration is, “as long as you give me a game currency, I can lift the whole galaxy.”

Author: miven

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