Brain chip

Title:Brain chip

Author:Black Mamba King

Description:In the vast and profound universe, there is a blue planet hidden, which is very much like a brilliant blue gem, inlaid with agate green, surrounded by floating clouds, showing a more flexible beauty! There is a strange “mode of motion of matter” circulating on the surface of the blue planet, and this “mode of motion of matter” is ignoredIt is called “biology”, one of which is called “human”. It accidentally presses a “button” of historic significance for them, opening a new era! A new evolutionary revolution is quietly starting in them For tens of thousands of years, human beings hated the greedy desire of human natureThe development of science and technology makes people lose their “sense of desire”. Is the world really good? When people’s “joys, sorrows and joys” need to rely on hormones processed by biological factories to stimulate the production of human body, do you

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