Brain cavity

Title:Brain cavity

Author:Jiqing is a fat man with strawberry flavor

Description:Einstein’s brain is only five percent developed, and he can become a great scientist in the world. Imagine if one day the human brain can be 100% developed, what will be the consequences? But the question is, why can’t brain cells be activated by people? Energy is the main point. With flesh and blood, I want toMore than 10 percent of brain development is estimated to be a problem. Even if there is external stimulation, it is only temporary. We can only supply 2% or 3% of brain cells with so many nutrients every day. If we develop to the majority, we will not need multiple energy requirements, but the second power. The main line of this story revolves around an ordinary storyA series of stories happened after a seemingly successful hero saved America. Of course, there are many small main lines in the middle, which should be explored by readers from the book. allow

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