Both sides of yin and Yang

Title:Both sides of yin and Yang

Author:Ly linya

Description:At night, two beautiful figures appear. A dispute between a rich family, a secret of yin and Yang. I walk on both sides of yin and Yang, but I think about it all the time. If I didn’t meet him, would I become a Mr. Yin and Yang? Witchcraft, Dementor and necromancer unveil the mystery one by one.   Zombies, demon kings and witchcraft are blooming in the dark. The curse of stepmother, the plot of illegitimate son, and the evil hand of white lotus sect came to me. Thank you for fate. Fortunately, I still have you, Guo Zimeng, Letian and Yuehan. On the night of the decisive battle, the wind rolled and the flowers fell, and I watched a white light attack meCome on. Are you going to die? I asked myself softly. But so what, this life with you, no fear of life and death!

Author: miven

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