Both ancient and divine

Title:Both ancient and divine

Author:Black Dragon

Description:: / / / longtengx. In ancient times, when demons and demons were in chaos, the living beings were burning with charcoal, and the heaven was stained with blood. Immortal Mansion: / / / longtengx The real dragon and Phoenix, reincarnated into the world, nine aristocratic families, fight to the death, nine tripod secret collection is born, Xuanling true solution againShow: / /. Longtengx. Wei,: / /. Longtengx. The ancient immortal and devil wars spread all over the world The hero is born,: / /. Longtengx. And war is just the beginning, not the end It’s an old fableOr the Enlightenment of the final robbery? Is this the nightmare of the three realms or the destiny of the world? When you walk to the end of the six paths, sit and watch samsara. Who am I in the past and who am I in the future? Three world Fairies

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