Blood shadow supreme

Title:Blood shadow supreme

Author:Lemon brother

Description:The power of Tiansha breaks the sky! Kill Wutian! Fight to kill the gods! Heaven and earth double evil, Hunyuan limitless! The power of elements, destroy the sky and the earth! The power of transformation, transform everything! I want to break the sky because of me! I’ll let the earth fall apart for me! I’m going to let it all get out of my way! Dare to insult my woman,我要让他后悔!敢伤我女人,我把她毁掉!神当弑神!魔当杀魔!佛当屠佛!敌人来一个,我杀一个!我杀他一双!炫漫出品,绝对精品!(只是一个传说,不是现在。是说:2926015075。(结局63;,结局63

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