Blood hunting

Title:Blood hunting

Author:Shadow of losing ink

Description:What does a bounty hunter look like hiding under the collar of a high cape? Is he a handsome guy? No one knows the real red wolf, even if the federal mobilization of the whole network scan can not get any news of him The messenger of the verdict. This is an absolute creed. This is the most mysterious bounty hunter. Everyone knows thisThe man who called him red wolf. The warrior who gets gold by killing monsters, murderers and villains. This sniper who often walks in the dark and emits a little bit of light. This is the invincible Bounty Killer driving the bloody chariot across the land of Atlantis. This man will never change the idol! Woman’s fantasy lover!The ultimate nightmare of the wanted man. In this troubled times: survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, blood wolf will fight for you!

Author: miven

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