Blood color implied record

Title:Blood color implied record

Author:Being bad

Description:In 2048, the earth’s resources are on the verge of drying up, the resource crisis is gradually spreading all over the world, and the conflicts among countries are becoming more and more fierce. However, when human beings are facing the survival crisis, a syndrome beyond human cognition suddenly breaks out, and instantly sweeps across the world, and there are thousands of people feeling sorry every dayWhen human science and technology could not solve the problem, in order to curb the BS infection, the government took strong measures to close the infected area by force and set up a directly under the central government. In this way, the world that did not hear the wailing and despair in the area gradually quieted down. However, from that day on, there were not only human beings but also human beings in the worldThey’re in quarantine. They’re in quarantine

Author: miven

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