Black snake

Title:Black snake

Author:Melting plough and casting sword

Description:It’s not fantasy, it’s not crossing, it’s not cultivating immortals, it’s not robbing tombs, it’s not losers… The black snake is not a snake, it’s an army, it’s a gold army that mysteriously disappeared 55 years ago. A bastard, a killer, a sniper. They are descendants of the black snake army, crossing mountains and seas, and climbing over iceCave, giant snake, poisonous insect, giant fish, poisonous criminals, savages, pirates, self defense forces, opposition forces and other extreme tests. The reason for the strange journey of life and the dangerous journey of finding gold is the black snake badge. If you find more black snake badges, you can break the puzzle of Hideki Tojo’s remnant gold and open the Japanese Black Snake Island goldLibrary.

Author: miven

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