Black dog and Huahua dog

Title:Black dog and Huahua dog


Description:Hongwei animation company created an original 3D cartoon series “black dog and Huahua dog”, which caused a sensation in the industry. Many central and local TV stations broadcast it and exported it overseas. In order to develop the animation industry, with the encouragement of the government, it entered the listing declaration stage after cultivation. However, in the process of listing, it encountered some difficultiesA series of unspeakable troubles have been trapped by many people, and many strange things have also come. The listing has become a gold mine pursued by many greedy people. You Funing, chairman of the board, angrily withdrew. The novel intends to make the story of Tong man of two dogs and the listing experience of Hongwei company correspond to each other, forming the truth between reality and illusionSometimes it’s hard to distinguish between true and false plots. When you think about it, you realize that you are playing games. It’s a strange way to write,

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