Black assimilation

Title:Black assimilation

Author:Ding FengChuan

Description:The night after midnight is forced to put on a mysterious veil. Who said that someone can stay outside in the dark night. The protagonist of the story, Dale, with 10 years of writing experience, allows himself to depict realistic scenes of killing by imagination alone. Every time after midnight, DaleThe ferocious image of criminals makes people all over the country no longer dare to wander alone in the night, and the police also issued a warning by means of various clocks. What makes the hero from a natural house to a devil. The story will tell you, do not live in their own world too long, it will be a terrible and sad thingI don’t know. At first, it will make you realize your different self, then you will lose yourself. Finally, when you look back at you in the mirror, it is no longer you, who will it be

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