Black and white record

Title:Black and white record

Author:Talking about dream 110

Description:When the flower opens, when the flower falls. Searching, have you found it? Accompany it, experience wind and rain, through the spring and autumn, crying and laughing through day after day, night after night. Whenever it smiles, it is as warm as the warm sun in winter. Even though it is stained with snow in Kyushu, it still can’t forget the fragranceWhenever it cries, it always goes away in silence in the laughter of the people on that moonlit night. Don’t look back. That leaf is full of brilliance and no regrets. When a flower opens, when a flower falls. If you press your fingertips a little, you will continue to sing in a low voice. If you want to talk, you will stop. If you feel sad for spring, you will hurt autumn. If you can’t laugh or cry, you will moan without illnessLight down, and then a thousand times, mighty, spring and autumn, full of paper absurd, no ink!   ……

Author: miven

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