Biography of marquis Wu

Title:Biography of marquis Wu

Author:I’m a small farmer

Description:Zhuge Chen went through the late period of the Three Kingdoms and met Zhuge Liang, who was about to die. He fought with Zhuge Liang in houlongzhong and persuaded him to return to the kingdom of Shu. From then on, he prospered the kingdom of Shu, developed the manufacturing industry of the Three Kingdoms, defended the border defense, straightened up the imperial program internally, elevated Liu Chan, defeated the eunuch, and conquered Sima Yi to unify the Central Plains,Build a new land of abundance, turn the Qianli basin into fertile soil, and extend the Chengdu Zhongzhu line for 100 kilometers. From then on, businesses and pubs are flourishing along the Funan River. From then on, Bashu has become the richest country of the Three Kingdoms. Finally, it is easy to unify the Central Plains, and let Wei and Dongwu collapse automatically! This is what happened after Zhuge LiangHe realized the great cause of rejuvenating the Han Dynasty and realizing the unification. The history of Wuhou Temple embodies Liu Bei’s compassion for the common people, his benevolence and righteousness, the value of credit and Zhuge Liang’s wisdom

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