Biography of infinite Guardian

Title:Biography of infinite Guardian

Author:The blade forgets the river

Description:There are six infinite stones in the universe. Every gem can give the user omnipotent control power in some aspects, including time, space, reality, mind, power and soul. How big is the earth we live on? Scientific analysis is about 4.6 billion years, so who is the first life on the earth? lord´╝č Pangu? Nuwa? Or alien bacteria brought by aliens? How many unsolved mysteries are there on earth? Today, let’s talk about a story about the species of the earth. In this story, there are you, me, thousands of living beings, past, future, and the exploration of mysterious unsolved mysteries. Let’s start todayTell a story about a little Taoist who shuttles through the world of Avengers. There are small happiness of small people, hegemony of big people, and tragedy of mercenary world

Author: miven

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