Biochemical infinity

Title:Biochemical infinity

Author:Diligent beans

Description:Gao Fei is an ordinary person. He only wants to live well and try his best to live better! Since he was cheated to become a guide, he found himself very tired! He is a double-sided hero in the world of Diablo and a mysterious doctor g in the real world of biochemistry. He has met many beautiful and excellent womenPeople are pushed, people are pushed, people are pushed; countless plane wars are waiting for him, the hero is invincible, the StarCraft vampire finally fantasizes Alibaba… The immortal sword, Shushan, Jin, Gu, Huang, Qin, Han, Three Kingdoms, Tang and Song Dynasties, jumps to the Republic of China… The new treaty, the new alliance, the new Avenger alliance of World War I and World War II is fullLooking for teeth… Gao Fei, who didn’t want to be tired to death, finally got angry and took out his biochemical virus number XXX… The infinite plane was quiet. Want to know

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