Bind the earth to fantasy

Title:Bind the earth to fantasy

Author:Dark Green Sandalwood

Description:The space-time pearl came from the outside world. Ye fanchen accidentally recognized the master by dripping blood and became the master of the space-time pearl. Then the space-time pearl absorbed the whole earth into it and brought it to the fantasy world together. If there is no large amount of energy supply in ten years, the earth will lose all light and heat and go to exhaustion. From then on, ye fanchen kidnapped the future of the earthCome on. In the fantasy world, he opened factories to refine utensils, ran farms to grow medicines, made alchemy with biotechnology, and used architectural array method. With the whole earth as the backing, guns as weapons, guns as magic weapons, and tank mounts, he gradually embarked on the road of gun dominating the world. The collision of the two civilizations begins at this moment

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