Beyond time and space

Title:Beyond time and space

Author:A quiet wind

Description:It’s a story of infinite crossing. It’s a story full of ambition. In an unknown parallel universe, another space-time shuttle started his journey. Lord: / /. Longtengx. Space, plane war, and rampant traversers. How should he deal with it? The way is mysterious, the dream of martial artsHow should he choose the Rhapsody? Let’s see how an ambitious guy can build a vast empire of time and space and become a supreme Immortal Emperor of time and space! Alien war, Mr. zombie, Inuyasha, and… Younger brother, please support and recommend! What I want most is readingBrothers can leave a few words, support or encouragement, as long as it doesn’t make me feel that no one can read what I write is the biggest motivation!

Author: miven

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